tirsdag den 9. april 2013

Everything is just better in English!

You tell me not to wait, but when I did - that was wrong.
You tell me that you expect me to see others, but when I do - it's wrong.
You tell me that you want me, but when I want you back - it's wrong.
You tell med that you don't want me, so when I try to move on - it's wrong.
I keep in contact, because I miss you - and that's wrong.
I avoid contact with you, to give you space - and that's wrong, too.

I can't do anything right with you! But the fact is I didn't do anything wrong at all. I hope you're big enough of a person to admit your mistake..

- In matters of love, "not ready" and "not right" can easily be confused. But in matters of love, who really knows? Take chances, because what is here today can be gone tomorrow - and you might aswell be happy as many of the days on this planet that you get..

- When men attempt bold gestures, generally it’s considered romantic. When women do it, it’s often considered desperate or psycho.

Some day, I will hear a knock at my door and be met with a kiss and a "everything is gonna be alright now" kinda feeling. Till then - I'll do whatever the fuck I please, mmkay pumpkin! 


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